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Jersey City Berry Lane Skate Park / Roller Skate

Berry Lane Skate Park is an idea started in the community for the community. There are certain attractions that haven't been addressed in the last meeting with the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency. In particular, ROLLER SKATING. Site Design has been awarded the contract to do the work, but they have not included what the community initially intended for the park. Before that, The entire skate park was denied because of poor location (on Garfield Ave. behind home owners on Randolph Ave.) Once the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency agreed to have it inside the park, they proposed a 200ft x 100ft portion of land behind the Structural Silos adjacent to the baseball field. So size is definitely not a problem to have roller skating around the perimeter of the skateboarding park. I feel Roller Skating for the skate park will be utilized by various people of many ethnic origins as well as skateboarding. I love skateboarding, my son is a pro-skater. But in this matter, it is about the original design's intention to have skateboarders and roller skaters share their culture. I grew up roller skating, not skateboarding.This petition is to make sure the roller skating portion is not removed from the skate park! This is a together thing. Truth is in numbers, so sign and be heard.

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